Find a better discount or rebate, and Deep South will match it and make ours even better! New this season, we are offering our Triple Fundraising Plan for free when you register your teams! This is a great way to raise up to 100% of your competition registration or increase gym profit without any added work for you or your kids. This is yet another way that Deep South helps your program succeed!  Do not hesitate to contact us for more info. Below you will read about the Deep South Coaches' Discount Plan, the best rebate/incentive plan in the Spirit Industry.

Deep South has owned and operated many gyms and help to start dozens more. We know how hard it is to run a gym, and we understand the money that it costs to compete. A rebate at the end of the season does nothing to help with gas and hotels at events today! Deep South understands that coaches are our sales reps, and they have expenses that need to be taken care of. That is why Deep South has come up with a plan to make sure you and your staff are taken care of at all of our events. The plan is simple and when compared to any other, you will see that we help you more!

Deep South offers a $5 per person discount for your first event. This discount will increase by $5 at each event you attend. If you attend one of our two day National Championship Events, the discount will double! You can use this discount for gas or per diem money for you and your coaches, or you can pass the discount to your team. It is totally up to you!

If you know Deep South, you know that we did not stop there! Coaches said hotels for the coaches were huge expenses, so at Deep South, that is now covered too! Deep South will comp a coaches’ room for your program at one of our great host hotels! You will get one night for one day events and two nights for Championship events. We will be hosting coaches’ receptions the night before each one day event at the host hotel. There is now no reason to miss out on Deep South, the only competition circuit that truly focuses on you!

Let’s break this down in numbers for you! Say your program has 75 kids that attend 3 Classic Events and One 2 - Day Championship event.

  • The first event will give you a $375 discount and a hotel room for your coaches.
  • The second event will give you a $750 discount and a hotel room for your coaches.
  • The third classic event will give you a $1,125 discount and a hotel room for your coaches!
  • At the National Championship event you will receive a $2,250 discount and hotel rooms for two nights for your coaches!
  • This is a grand total of $4500 and 5 nights of hotel rooms! This should help to make your coaches’ travel season the best ever!

I guess by now you understand that Deep South is the competition company that takes care of coaches, but we do not want to stop there! Did you also know that Deep South is one of thelowest priced quality gym equipment companies in the country? What gym couldn’t use more space to train or better equipment? Did you know that Spirit Company is one of the lowest priced custom apparel companies in the country? Spirit Company offers practice clothes, bags, windsuits, and more for your gym at great value. You guessed it! This year if you register for our competitions, you will now get a 10% discount on all gym equipment and apparel for your team! The gifts keep on coming!

If you dare to compare the Deep South Coaches’ Discount Plan to anyone else’s rebate or discount programs, you will know that we do more for the coaches and gym owners. Our goal is to grow the sport of cheerleading and dance by helping the people that actually run it – THE COACHES! If there is ever anything we can do to help your business, let us know. Contact us for details on registration and the all new Deep South Coaches’ Discount Plan!