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Deep South is proud to offer our NEW Game Day Championships for all of those great school teams that want to compete! We still offer our traditional routines for schools, but many of you have requested an easier and less expensive way to compete, so this is it! Game Day Divisions are now offered at All Deep South Events.

Cheer – Your best cheer! Show us how you can lead your crowd!

Dance – Your best dance! Show us how you perform for your fans!

We know that you have worked hard to prepare for Pep Rallies and Game performances! Why not come show your stuff in a great and affordable Championship and take home a prize.

Reasons to attend:

1.        Affordable! At a very low cost of $15 per athlete or $225 per team max, everyone can join in on the championship!

2.       Prizes! At all Deep South events we offer Participant Prizes, Trophies, and Banners! Every team that attends will leave with a prize in their hand!

3.       Reliable! Deep South has been conducting School Cheer and Dance Championships since 1999. We hire the most professional judges and put on a great show!

4.       Recognition! It’s past time for the hardworking cheerleaders and dancers to get recognized and that’s exactly what Deep South does!

5.       Easy! You do not have to have expensive choreographers or music. Just show us your best performance and compete with the rest!

The rules and scoring is very simple and the guidelines are easy to follow. Now anyone can compete for a championship!

1.       Time limits are One Minute and 30 Seconds

2.       Cheers are judged on Motions, Technique, Crowd Leading, Incorporations*, and Performance.

3.       Dances are judged on Timing and Synchronization, Movements, Technique, Incorporations*, and Performance.

Come join the Champions and compete with your team at a Deep South Cheer and Dance event this season! Contact Deep South today for more information on our great Championships!

*Incorporations can include signs, megaphones, poms, and tumbling and building skills that are legal under AACCA Rules and Guidelines. Remember that tumbling and stunting is not judged on difficulty and is not required. All incorporations should add to the overall effect of the routine and will be judged as such.

Please contact us today to get your team registered!