2017 - 2018 Deep South Scoring Information

The Deep South team knows that scoring and judging is very important to coaches, gym owners, participants, and parents. For this reason, we put a scoring committee together lead by some of the greatest coaches, judges, and experts to determine our scoring system and the proper way to judge based on that system. Our team is very proud to announce that we will be using the same scoring system as almost all all star events for our all stars. However, we have made it more accurate to judge and placed checks and balances as well as coaches challenges to ensure everyone is judged fairly. Our school, rec, and prep judging systems are also highly compatible with all other events, and we have placed the same feature in this system to allow accurate and fair scoring for every team. Next, we decided to strengthen the requirements to be a judge at all of our events. Deep South judges are among the best of the best and they must pass extensive training and audits before they are allowed to give their first score. Below we have given you tons of information and downloads to ensure your routine matches what the judges want to see. Take some time to review all of this information, and contact us with any questions!

2017 - 2018 All Star Scoring Resources

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School Scoring Information:

School Rules:

Individual, Group, and Stunt Scoring Information: